Included in Issue: Summer 2023

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Career Opportunities Link

Interested in a career in aerosol research? Check out job listings and opportunities here:

Key Dates/Reminders

The 2023 Annual Conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, October 2-6, 2023. Learn more here: 

National Academies Inductees

If you or one of your AAAR colleagues has been inducted into one of the National Academies this year, please share the news with

AAAR Member Award Winners

If you or one of your AAAR colleagues has received an award, please send this information to so that we can acknowledge the achievement.


This Issue’s Newsletter Committee:

Editor | Krystal Pollitt, Yale UniversitySenior Assistant Editor | Justice Archer, University of BristolJunior Assistant Editor | Dong Gao, Yale UniversityGuest Contributor | Sarah Petters, Aarhus University